Sherman M. Ellison

Traffic School

Vehicle Code section 41501 authorizes the court to give you “traffic school”.  You can attend the traffic school class by either going “in-person”, “home study” or “via the internet”.

If you have not gone to a traffic school program within the past 18 months, you can attend an 8-hour traffic school.   Your point will be dismissed.   This dismissal is confidential.  This point will NOT appear on your DMV record.  Your automobile insurance company will not be able to raise your insurance rates based on that ticket. The fine, however, will still apply.

If you have gone to a traffic school program within the past 18 months, the court will be able to confirm this from DMV records and you will not be allowed to attend again until the prescribed period has ended.   A recent change in the law (as of July 1, 2011), 12-hour [second offender] traffic school is no longer an option.  

NOTE: The court can not refuse to give you “traffic school” solely for the reason that you have exercised your right to go to trial.  Some judges erroneously tell people that, if the person exercises his/her right to a trial, the court will not let them go to traffic school.  This is contrary to law.  If that happens, please let me know.