Sherman M. Ellison


BASIC SPEED Law – VC 22350

Driving at a speed that is Not Safe for Conditions, due to weather, traffic, pedestrians, lighting, road conditions, et cetera.

However, the Use of Radar or Laser by a Police Officer is Illegal – unless a Valid Engineering and Traffic Survey is on file, which justifies the “Posted Speed” Limit.  Generally, these Traffic Surveys are inadequate and the cases are dismissed.

Maximum Speed Law — VC 22349(a) or VC 22356(b)
Driving on Freeway in excess of the Posted Maximum Speed Limit,
i.e., 55, 65 or 70 MPH.

Driving in Excess of 100 MPH — VC22348(b)

Driving on a street, freeway or highway in Excess of 100 MPH

Truck Speeding — VC 22406
Trucks [or vehicles towing a trailer] cannot drive at a speed
in excess 55 MPH