Sherman M. Ellison

DMV Matters / Issues

NEGLIGENT OPERATOR Proceedings — Vehicle Code section 12810 — Can cause [1] your driving privilege to be suspended or restricted and/or [2] for the DMV to place you on probation, which would mean that any traffic ticket or accident you have after being placed on probation could be a basis for suspending or restricting your driving privilege.
If you have either [1] 4-points in a 12-month period, [2] 6-points in a 24-month period or [3] 8-points in a 36 month period on your DMV record, the DMV will deem you a “Negligent Operator”.  YOU ARE ENTITLED TO HEARING to contest that determination.

There are many ways to contest and win these proceedings, including getting 1 or more of your previous convictions set aside.
Mature, Elderly or Infirm Drivers are subject to “Re-Examination” to determine if you can safely operate a motor vehicle pursuant to Vehicle Code sections 12804.8, 12804.9, 12805, 12806 and 12809.  Your vision, medical condition(s), knowledge of the driving law and ability to safely operate a motor vehicle can be tested by the DMV.

There are many things that you can do to be able to keep your driving privilege.  I have represented clients in numerous proceedings and on behalf of my clients, have prevailed in and won every hearing with the DMV.  I work with your doctor(s), if necessary, with driver’s training programs and assist you to keep [or get back] your driving privilege.