Sherman M. Ellison

Trial By Declaration

“Trial By Declaration” gives you two (2) bites at the apple, so to speak.
One of the things you can do without an attorney is a “Trial by Declaration”.  If the officer does not file his response, your case will be dismissed.  If he does and the judge finds you guilty, you can request a “New Trial”, in person.  If the officer does not show up at the in-person trial, your case will be dismissed.
Although a TBD affords you the opportunity to “represent yourself” (twice) it is not always the best option. If your TBD is denied, you can retain legal counsel prior to requesting your Trial de Novo and be represented by the time you appear in court. It will give you a better chance at getting your ticket dismissed.


Instructions to Defendant (Trial by Written Declaration — Traffic) TR-200*
Request Trial By Written Declaration TR-205*
Notice and Instructions To Arresting Officer TR-210*
Decision and Notice of Decision TR-215*
Request for New Trial (Trial de Novo) TR-220*
Order and Notice to Defendant of New Trial (Trial de Novo) TR-225*
Officer’s Declaration